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Bridging the IT Gap

Tebo Computers

Skills Training for the New World of Work
The Urge to Educate

Reaching Out! Skilling Up!

What motivated me in taking such an initiative is the continuity urge of reaching out to others by sharing my computer expertise and discloses technology as the prospect drift.

An Education Orientation.

My curriculum is tabled in such a way that it suits their secondary and tertiary education level prospects

The Vision of a Brighter Future!

Tebo Computers is firm in its belief that upskilling people through our Training Courses equips them with valuable skills for achieving a brighter future for themselves and their families.

In the Heart of Imizamo Yethu Township.

We’re positioned in the heart of the place where people need IT skills. By doing this we eliminate the hindrance of travel costs thus making training courses easily accessible.
A Safe, Well Cared For, Training Facility

Modern Computer Lab

We are grateful!

Our Facilities Sponsor

We are also privileged to have a Water Fountain which enables students to keep hydrated. All of these were provided, and are still maintained by our main sponsor, Gartner SA (Pty) Ltd. This program is 90% sustained by Gartner in terms of day to day operational requirements and expenses, assisted by Mr. Hennie Jacobs who coordinates the nitty gritty implementation of the program and Tebogo Backward who is the originator and facilitator of the program.

Why we do it!

The Aim of Training

Firstly, to introduce my students to the different applications which they will encounter in the workplace or will need at school. This introduction will give them the necessary knowledge and confidence. Secondly, to teach them the basic, most popular features of each application preparing them for more advanced training at a later stage. Advanced training is available which can be done at my Computer Learning Centre at Iziko Lobomi or off-site at client premises.
Here’s what is offered

The Training Curriculum

My curriculum is tabled in such a way that it suits their secondary and tertiary education level prospects. The subjects comprise the following:

First Year Touch Typing Modules

Computer Preamble Computer Components Identification and Utilization Typing Pal Software Introduction Typing Lessons and Advancement Typing Speed and Efficiency Competitions

Second Year: Computer Literacy Skills

(Typing Skill Pre-requisite) Operating Systems Introduction MS Word MS PowerPoint MS Excel MS Outlook Internet Research and E-Mailing
Who comes to Train?

Our Students

Every year I recruit 24 students from Orange Kloof, Disa and Sentinel Primary Schools who reside in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg communities. My selection comprises of both genders whose ages are between 12 and 16 years old. I normally prefer teaching grades 7 and 8 pupils as I consider the significance of preparing them for Junior Education Level. Our learning schedule commences at 15h00 to 18h00, Monday through Friday. Our students are divided into two groups of twelve. The learning duration is one hour. The first group commences at 15h00 – 15h55 and the second one at 16h00 – 16h55. Training for adults starts at 17h00 till 20h00.
What’s next?

Future Vision

My vision and aspiration is to introduce a Graphics application together with website and blogging design basics in the near future. Opportunities also exist for off-site computer training to students at external locations.

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