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Tebo’s Story

The Road to Tebo Computers in Imizamo Yethu

I was born in Zastron, Free State. My father was a contractor and my mother was a housewife. Prior to losing both my parents in the early 90’s through cancer, the family moved to Greenside, South Western Johannesburg in the early 80’s where I attended Junior Level Education at Thomas Mofolo High School in Naledi, Soweto. On a later stage I then attended Secondary Level Education at Mariazelle Christian Boarding School in Matatiele, KZN. Upon my Secondary Education Level completion, I moved back to Greenside, Johannesburg where I furthered my studies by attending a Tertiary Level Education at Rosebank College in Rosebank, Johannesburg where I studied Office Administration and advanced Touch Typing Skills.

Upon completion the family once again relocated to Randfontein, East Rand. Since then I have lived and earned my first job at Lerato High School as a Print-Setter and Typist. In 1994 I decided to move out of Gauteng Province and relocated to Hout Bay, Cape Town in the Western Cape. I worked for RALI Youth Organisation as an Administrator and Educo Africa Outbound School as a Rock Climbing Facilitator.


In 1996 I travelled around the world with ‘Up With People Young Adults Group’ doing community service, Intercultural Awareness teach-ins at local schools and on-stage live musical performance.


After around the world trip, I attended Carroll College in the USA where I acquired my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Graphics Communication. My interests are broad and varied. For example, while in college I participated in men’s tennis team, choral music choir, graphics communication and computer science discussion groups and inner city elementary level school teach-in program for four years at Martin Luther King Junior Primary School in Milwaukee Wisconsin. My love for children Educational Development and Advancement never stopped there.


I came back to South Africa in 2003 and felt the need of establishing a computer centre in Imizamo Yethu Township, Hout Bay, whereby I could share my computer expertise by teaching previously disadvantaged children and adults on how to learn and utilize the computer as a tool for solving day to day problems. I compiled an extensive business plan for funding and Gartner Inc. offered their help and services. With Gartner’s help I have been able to teach hundreds of children and adults in the following computer skills: Touch Typing, Computer Literacy Programmes in: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Internet Research and Emailing.

My gravitation is concentrated more towards children who are attending an Afro-Centric school at Oranje Kloof Moravian Primary whose ages ranges from 12- 16 years and in Grade 7 and 8. I am highly determined to sustain this programme for years and years to come as long as there’s a need for improving our children’s lives for the better.

A Significant Year

2004 – Founding Tebo Computers

TeboComputers was established in 2004 after having recognized that the Imizamo Yethu community was skill undersized but primarily, as an after school children programme. I took the initiative of compiling a comprehensive Business Plan explaining my thoughts and vision about TeboComputers’ establishment and operation. This plan was submitted to Gartner via the HBCCA and shortly afterwards Gartner indicated that they supported my proposal wholeheartedly and offered me their financial and management support.

My ideas were inspired by my involvement with children who mostly came from poor, broken family structures and single parenting backgrounds. My obligation was to spend some quality time with them as a father figure and mentor, and by sharing with them about my personal upbringing as a South African and my inspiration to graduate from college.

A Clear Vision

The Urge to Reach Out

The purpose behind that was to motivate them to continue with their education and to love and respect their parents. While at college, I assisted students on their day to day computer problems including faculty members. What motivated me in taking such an initiative is the continuity urge of reaching out to others by sharing my computer expertise and discloses technology as the prospect drift.

My central focus is destitute yet innocent children who were not exposed to technology at home and at school. I am providing a platform whereby they could transcend from, on their transition to a brighter future.  My curriculum is tabled in such a way that it suits their secondary and tertiary education level prospects.

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